Executive Cabinet Member - Environmental Service Delivery

22 May 2019 - onwards
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15 July 201910:00TBCCouncil ChamberScheduled
19 August 201911:30TBCLe Mans SuiteScheduled
16 September 201910:30TBCLe Mans SuiteScheduled
09 December 201911:45TBCLe Mans SuiteScheduled
20 January 202010:45TBCLe Mans SuiteScheduled
17 February 202011:00TBCLe Mans SuiteScheduled
16 March 202011:30TBCLe Mans SuiteScheduled
06 July 202010:3011:00Microsoft TeamsScheduled
17 July 202010:0011:00Microsoft TeamsScheduled
17 August 202011:3012:00Microsoft TeamsScheduled


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Councillor Adele Warren Member 22/05/2019 - current

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