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Schools Forum
2 Jul 2021 - 14:00
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Meeting Documents

  1. pdf Schools Forum agenda (124Kb)
  2. pdf Minutes of the Last Meeting (available soon)
  3. pdf 2.7.21DSG Finance Monitoring Outturn Report 2020-21 (available soon)
  4. pdf 2.7.21Minutes Formula Review Group 1st April 2021 (251Kb)
  5. pdf 2.7.21 Minutes Formula Review Group 17th June 2021 (available soon)
  6. pdf 2.7.21 Early Years Sub-Group Minutes 30th March 2021 (available soon)
  7. pdf 2.7.21 Early Years Sub-GroupMinutes 22nd June 2021 (available soon)
  8. pdf 2.7.21Acronyms (available soon)


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